Diana Peasey

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National Union of Journalists

Diana has served on the union's National Executive Committee for five years, firstly representing Broadcasting and then the Midlands region.

She has been a member of the Broadcasting Industrial council for the past decade and has spoken in the House of Commons lobby following the announcement on job cuts at Carlton (formerly Central) Television in Nottingham. She supported the campaign to oppose job losses and the closure of the studios in the city. Diana helped with collecting signatures for a huge petition which was presented to 10 Downing Street.

MoC at the BBC in Nottingham for 17 years during which time she was involved in national talks on multi-skill working, pay and the regrading of posts. Diana also represented several members at disciplinary hearings.

Diana is Chair of the Nottingham NUJ branch. She knows the Midlands well, having lived and worked in Leicester, Nottingham and Birmingham. She has worked in newspapers, commercial radio and for the BBC in local radio and regional television. As Chair, sheís given considerable support to one of her freelance photographers who has appeared in court on a charge of obstruction for taking pictures of an armed police marksman.

In March 2007, Diana spoke at the Regional TUC annual meeting at Rugby in support of the unionís Journalism Matters campaign, and also at the Leicester AGM of the civil servants union PCA.



since   1972

Subs collector, Leicester Mercury

1973 - 1975

Chair of Leicestershire NUJ branch

1975 - 1977  

Secretary of Nottingham NUJ branch

1985 - 1988  

MoC BBC Radio Nottingham

1988 - 2005

MoC BBC EMT in Nottingham

1998 - 2005

Broadcasting Industrial Council

1995 - 2007

Chair, Nottingham NUJ branch

1998 - Present

NEC member representing broadcasting

2002 - 2006

Member of the NECís Public Service Broadcasting Committee

2005 - 2006

Member of unionís Profcom Committee

2007 - Present

NEC member representing the Midlands

2007 - 2008

Free The Nottingham One

Don't Cross the Official NUJ Picket Line



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