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Writing History

As a seventeen year old I wrote poetry in anger over the Vietnam war. A few years later my writing became harnessed to the deadlines of journalism. Firstly in newspapers, then Independent radio before joining the BBC working in local radio and regional television. Periodically, I turned my attention to short stories and wrote about the brutal world of office politics.

My first attempt to write a novel came after I’d completed my Masters in Literature. My tutor suggested I did a Ph.D. However, I rejected this avenue to focus instead on a story about a divided Cyprus. The island was undergoing fundamental changes following the relaxation of border controls. I knew Cyprus well, having lived there in the 1950s and it’s a place I’ve since visited frequently.  

Salamis Road’


" Dear Granny and Grandad,  They were fighting because they want the Island. And they fight on ... "

a story about a woman returning to Cyprus to find her old family homes, was reviewed by the Arts Council. The feedback helped me to realise I needed to hone my skills. I did a Masters in Creative Writing at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) and began



" As Chrissie Donaldson stared out of the bus window she thought she could see diamonds in the sky. The glass fragments showered the rooftops ... "

This is a novel which deals with a young woman’s journey to find out why the invasion of Cyprus in 1974 left her grandmother so traumatised.  It’s a story about choices: the decisions people make at the time of conflict and the subsequent impact this has on their families.

I submitted part of ‘Borderlines’ for my dissertation and the university’s external examiner suggested in his assessment that the story could be turned into a film script.

 In April 2007, I was told my novel 'Borderlines' was one of the 100 winners of the Writers and Artists Year Book competition. I’m trying to get ‘Borderlines’ published.

 While at NTU, I also took a key role in producing/publishing ‘3D’ a fiction and poetry anthology. My own piece


I have lived a life in transit. A history of comings and goings. A pattern of friendships, break-ups, packing, storing and unpacking. ... "

was included in the anthology '3D' which focussed on deception, discovery and displacement

I organised public readings including the renowned Lowdham Book festival and co-ordinated publicity in the local media. I belong to two university fiction groups at which we review one another’s work. I’ve been a member of the Sherwood Writers group for some time and  I’m a  member of the ‘Talking Goats’ reading group in Nottingham.


' Dear Diana

Congratulations you are one of the 100 winners of the Writers' & Artists' Yearbook 2007 novel writing competition! Use the link below for more information and to see the full list of winners.


You will receive a full critique of your entry from The Literary Consultancy worth £150 by 15th June 2007. The three overall winners will be announced on the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook website in July 2007, so make sure you visit the site then to find out the names of the lucky three and read extracts from their entries. The Literary Consultancy will be passing the three winning entries to a top literary agent.

Good luck!

Vicky Atkins
A&C Black '


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